Bluetooth questions

Right then, does anybody have any experience with bluetooth? Im looking to find out how one would go about getting notification of an SMS arriving from a phone over bluetooth with a .netmf device. No idea where to start. Any pointers/advice welcome from you folks :slight_smile:

Here’s the limit of my blue tooth experience…

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perhaps this can help:
I think it depends on the OS of the phone, whether you can catch an event for the SMS.
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@ hughB - start by simply sending serial stuff over BT to your netmf device. You don’t even have to write and app for the phone. I’m an Android fan boy and use Better Terminal Emulator Pro, as a BT console.

Once you’ve got things working on the NETMF side, you can then tackle the issue of writing an app for your phone that listens for SMS messages and forwards them. Not my area of expertise, however.

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@ RoSchmi and @ Ransomhall thanks guys, thats useful stuff.

The simplest answer here is - don’t bother without a software product on your phone.

SPP is only one protocol in a myriad of others. The Gadgeteer module is a simple RFCOMM/SPP module only, and doesn’t have any other profile capability. To do something like notifications you’d need MAP I think. and are interesting reading.

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