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Bluetooth Module Driver discussion thread (contributors)


The lastest SDK has starter alpha drivers for bluetooth. It is basically a serial port access. From there, a driver needs to be implemented to handle commands, like BT commands on bluetooth. It would be nice if the driver has high level methods like Bluetooth.Connect(“MyPhone”, PassWord);

The bluetooth used on module is same as this one

Since many have asked on how to contribute to gadgeteer, we are asking the community to write drivers for this modules. We are not setting any rules, you guys decide how you all can share knowledge to write the driver. When it is done and community is happy with it, GHI can move it to gadgeteer’s codeplex.


Some advices from Gadgteer team for Bluetooth:


I am thinking about starting work on these drivers.

Is anyone working on it at the moment?


I don’t think so. If you want to create a team for this project I can do code reviews. Since I’m involved in XBee module I’m unable to make significant code contributions though.


Cool. As soon as I’ve got something solid I’ll let you know.



If you want to prototype first in order to create your vision for this project, that’s fine. If however you plan on making the driver on your own and then sharing the result with us, I don’t think that’s a good idea. We are all here for you so we can discuss everything and delegate the work. It will be faster and less things will need to be changed if we all do it together. Of course i may be wrong :wink:


I’ve implemented a prototype.

What should I do with it?


Do you mean beta driver for the bluetooth module?




Great. You can post it here if you like


Or you can create a codeplex for it if you want to collaborate with others.


There you go.

Any comments are welcome.


Great work and thank for the contribution. We will see what we can do to help.



This is just to get the ball rolling. There is still a lot of testing to be done, but at least now we’ve got something to work on.

I’ve managed to use these drivers to stream data to and from a console application.

A particularly bad issue I came across was with the disconnection procedure.

The documentation says that we should pull PIO0 to high, but the hardware interface doesn’t give us access to that pin. I still don’t know how to solve this.

Also, I implemented the PIN functionality, but didn’t test it. I just used it with the default 0000 pin.

If someone eventually use it, please let me know.



Great contribution indeed!


Thank you Eduardo 8)


I am still working on these drivers.

I am trying to make two gadgeteer devices talk to each other via BT.

Will update the code accordingly.


Yeah this will be a very nice addition.


OK, managed to make two devices talk to each other.

I will write a tutorial at some point and post the link here.


Looking forward to it!