BlueTooth LE control of mbot - success

I’ll post a video in a day or two. I need someone to take the video when I am controlling the mbot.

I’m using a iOS app called RCBController with a LightBlue Bean Bluetooth (LBB) module. The LBB decodes the char array sent by RCBController over BT and sends that the the mbot using I2C.

I’ve got the mbot moving forward, backward, turning on / off and turning left and right. WIll add speed changes soon. Woot. This is proof of concept for two larger robots using LPC1768 that I am building.


Yes please share video. Well done.


I’ll do better than that. I will post all code as well. I’m pretty happy with the results. The code posting may take a few days. Got my day job to get back to doing!

My goal is to go to schools and maker events (in Richmond VA we have RVA MakerFest) and have kids drive robots. This will let then drive with an iphone or ipad and eventually also Android tablets.

The mBot is perfect for that. I am building a 3 wheel (2 drive wheel) robot that is controlled by a LPC1768 mbed and a 3 foot tall self-balancing robot that is also 1768 controlled.

The BT control will be used with all of these.

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Kids and engineers agree on one thing, robots and LEDs :slight_smile: