Bluetooth Bee

I am thinking about getting a

From dfrobot for my cerbuino bee, but im unsure if its compatible, like would it need a new driver in netmf to work it. What’s the microusb on it for, power? And what are things I should look for when it comes to netmf compatibility, like any general rules you guys look for in shields and stuff?

Im just curious because there is this as well
its a usb Bluetooth for $5 but im unsure about compatibility and how to find out.

How large of a feat would it be to write a driver for these things?

someone will always need to write drivers when you buy random modules and connect them - whether that driver has been written and is in widespread use or not will make your job potentially harder.

The first item you could possibly write a driver for. The second item, not (assuming you weren’t just going to use it on a PC). For USB adapters of any kind you really need to dig deep into USB level comms, not trivial, and a USB adapter is really designed to work with a standard PC stack not to be used on a microcontroller.

When looking at things like this, you need a datasheet. You need to be able to find out communication details like command structures and register values etc. Just knowing there’s a TI CC2540 chip on there isn’t enough, you need to know how the firmware on that chip works so you can communicate to it.

I think the first question is, what you want to do over Bluetooth e.g. connect to a PC or a Phone (Windows Phone? i-Phone, Android Phone?), connect your Cerbuino to some kind of sensor which is supporting Bluetooth (BLE ? or Bluetooth 2.x). For Bluetooth 2.x you can have a look on my CodeShare entries. For Bluetooth 4.0 (= BLE, Bluetooth SMART) you can have a look on Justins BLE Module (not XBee Socket but usable with the Cerbuino Bee).

@ RoSchmi - I was thinking about sending data to a phone. It can be Bluetooth 2.x or 4.x
Is there a large difference between how the two are managed, can a 2.x Bluetooth connect to an android phone. Also a lot of those commands, those can be done manually by me when the time comes, so im not looking to program every single one. Thanks for the help guys

In the documentation of the dfrobot Bluetooth, they gave an example using an android phone and a bluno( Bluetooth Arduino?) and I couldn’t determine if its this easy on the c# side:

void setup() {
    Serial.begin(115200);               //initial the Serial

void loop()
        Serial.write(;    //send what has been received

that code snippet is pretty easy to modify to work in netmf. It does two things - opens a serial port at 115200 baud, and then when it gets a character on that serial port it sends it back out. Simple to replicate in netmf. Not very useful min you, but simple to replicate :slight_smile: (but in all honesty, it is an awesome simple test of connectivity and proves it all works)

I think when Phones are concerned, the trend is Bluetooth 4.x (BLE). As far as I know nearly all modern Phones support Bluetooth 4.x, With a Bluetooth 2.x Module on the device side communication works with Windows Phones and Android Phones (I don’t know if supported by all) but not with an I-Phone. On the device side you have to decide BT 2.x or 4.x. There are, as far as I know, no mudules which support both.