Bluetooth and XBee modules (Calling for community contributors)

The lastest SDK has starter alpha drivers for Xbee and bluetooth. It is basically a serial port access. From there, a driver needs to be implemented to handle commands, like BT commands on bluetooth. It would be nice if the driver has high level methods like Bluetooth.Connect(“MyPhone”, PassWord);

The bluetooth module documentation is already on codeplex under “Main\Modules\GHIElectronics\Bloetooth\Software”.

For xbee, this fourm and codeshare are full of information. I think we have some xbee experts in this community.

Since many have asked on how to contribute to gadgeteer, we are asking the community to write drivers for these 2 modules. We are not setting any rules, you guys decide how you all can share knowledge to write the driver. When it is done and community is happy with it, GHI can move it to gadgeteer’s codeplex.

Note that the drivers must be done for general use instead of targeted to a specific use. Others may use the driver differently from how you would. Plus, the driver should be mainboard hardware independent, so it should not use GHI classes that works on GHI devices only. IT should use only the generic Microsoft’s classes and libraries.

Bluetooth module driver discussion thread:

XBee module driver discussion thread:

I will try to help in a couple of weeks.

I’m interested in helping with XBee once I can get over “the crud” and become productive again. All I currently have are series 1 XBees. I’ll try to acquire some series 2 soon.

I can help with the XBee module as well. I will write my concerns regarding this module in the dedicated thread.

Since we have dedicated threads now, can we lock or delete this one?