Bluetooth and Gadgeteer project that uses open source 32feet.NET library

Bluetooth on .NET Gadgeteer with 32feet.NET library
Controlling a Gadgeteer device using Bluetooth Module and 32feet.NET library | Integral Design

I’ve been able to use this example to get BT communications going from the PC to the device. Does anyone know how to also receive data on the PC side (sent from the Gadget) in the same session?


I have described the methods you need to use in my first comment to the article.

Let me know if you have any troubles.

Marco, thanks that makes sense. What is the trigger to let me know when data is being sent? I don’t see a DataReceived event? Do they expect us to just continually poll?

In my Win7 app using the 32feet BT code, I simply have a thread that polls. You could add a DataRecieved event handler construct if you wanted (wrapping the polling) but at the end of the day, something you write has to poll.

Brett is right. Bluetooth stream is exposed by 32feet.NET library as a normal .NET stream, and so you can use a polling thread to check for available data.