Blues Wireless Cellular Notecard

In case anyone is interested in using the Blues Wireless Notecard cellular data pump with an FEZ Feather running TinyCLR OS. I have published an I2C driver to Nuget along with a sample project repo.


Thanks for sharing. Those cards are interesting, with cell connectivity and more.

Yeah, I have found it very ease to work with so far. The thing I like most is that it handles all message queuing, transmission, and message setup for you. It’s really as simple as giving it a JSON message and telling it how aggressive it should be to try and send it. Then you can route it to and from many types of IoT service like Azure or AWS. I’m working now on a custom board using the SC13048Q chipset.


very interesting. Looks like a good replacement for Are you locked into their cellular service or can you use your own providers? It is about half the price of what I am paying for my Nimbelink modems and a whole lot more functional.

Yes, you have to use their cellular as it’s included in the cost of the card. The notecard includes 500MB data over 10 years, but the catch is you are charged $0.00075 per routed event to services like AWS or Azure. In my opinion this pricing model is very affordable for devices that have a low volume of updates. Not so much for high volume devices.