Blue Screen of Death

ABORT Prefetch

Build date:
June 23 2015


Good morning, we ordered a FEZ Spider starter kit with attachments. We have been trying to connect the TEMPHUMID Si70, ethernetJ11D, gassense1.1,TE 35 display, pulsecount module and sd card module. Our goal is to capture readings from the sensors, store them to an SD card and send them to a cloud share. We have however met upon the above error; ‘The Blue Screen of Death’. We are primarily seeking guidance on how to solve this problem. However we would appreciate help in how to set the time on the device, connect the pulse counter and send data to a cloud share or email. Thank You.

@ CamilleB - Please provide code snippets for us to be able to help. :slight_smile:

Hi CamilleB, welcome to the forum,

As @ Skewworks mentions, showing us code that causes a failure will help. But can you also let us know what SDK you set up (2014 R5? 2015 R1 beta 3?) and what the results of using Fez Config to check your device for necessary updates are ?