Blue led on raptor

Hey, I have a question.
What is the blue LED on the Raptor near socket 4 for? I was powering up my board today and the blue LED was flashing. I cycled power and it wasn’t flashing after that so I am curious what a flashing blue LED indicates.

@ mtylerjr - It is an LED under your control. Through Gadgeteer you can access it via the Mainboard.SetDebugLed method.

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I have not written any code to flash the LED. Also, it was flashing about 2x per second.

And also, I disconnected power, and reconnected power, and it no longer behaved this way ( I have not had it connected to my pc in a couple of days)

Are there any other blue leds on the board I could have had it confused with, that might flash for some other reason?


@ mtylerjr - I believe the only LEDs on the board are the red power LED and blue LED under your control.