Blogged: Successful Compilation of the NetMF (4.3 RTM) CodePlex Version

I have blogged about how to setup a complete environment to compile the current RTM version of NetMF 4.3 (CodePlex distribution):

Please comment and let me know what else to add/change/remove. Thanks :slight_smile:


Wow. I once tried, and failed miserably. I think that is a HUGE barrier for communitity development β€” the whole NETMF source ecosystem is a huge mess.

Do you by chance can build (and find where it builds) the MetaDataProcessor.exe?

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@ Simon from Vilnius -

Labas vakaras ! ( my wife told me to write that).

But yes, it will build the file and you can find it here (depending on the source folder of course):



Cool :slight_smile: When I hit a [em]mysterious wall[/em] again, I’ll try your to compile it myself. Thanks for the blog post :slight_smile:

@ Simon from Vilnius - You are very welcome :slight_smile:

Congratulations again … Cool bananas :clap:

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@ PiWi - Thanks :slight_smile: Diving more into it now. But first a backup of the VM.

Excellent work!!!

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@ AWSOMEDEVSIGNER - Shoot, I just setup my new Win8.1 x64 machine, only to read about you need win 8.0 :wall:

And that’s just the start of it …

@ Duke Nukem - Thank you :slight_smile: Trying to find out more about it in the next few days and to write some more blog-posts.

@ PiWi - Just saw it on CodePlex , but did not notice it fast enough.:slight_smile:


The link:

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@ wbsimms - Thanks :slight_smile:

Well done, I hope someone from the new Microsoft team sees this. I guess this is the most constructive and valuable feedback you can give on the current state of the project source code.

Thanks for the effort. Well done.


@ njbuch - Thank you :slight_smile: Hope to receive feedback from the team as well.

They have and there will be more dudes coming to see this as this is huge and truly an excellent piece of work.


Great work!!

Microsoft really needs to clean this up and streamline the process better.


@ Duke Nukem -

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Very glad to see that it is really useful and that my assumptions where right about the current state of the NetMF project. The projects and solutions seem to be created for a different build-system than MS-Build.

That would explain some of the incompatibility issues of the solution and project files with Visual Studio in general.

For the general investigation of the code-base, I thought it would make sense to first start with the general code-base (which I consider to be the CP distribution) and then to move further to the more specialized parts like PK (Porting Kits) and the like.

First I just wanted to browse the code to learn more about the inner-workings of NetMF, but now it has become this new kind of project :slight_smile:


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@ Darko - Thank you :slight_smile:

@ awsomedevsigner - nice work especially in a complex and potentially confusing area. :clap:

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