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Blog Entry: Getting Started with GHI RLP



When I first started playing with RLP,
it took me a while to figure out how to get it set up.
With the help of people here I managed to get it working

I wanted to do something in return,
so I created a guide covering the installation of yagarto,
setting up the build environment, writing a simple RLP library
and consuming it from C# without going into the technical details behind it all.

I hope this helps newcomers !


Thank you Timothy!

Excellent post!


Great Tutorial, very well written! ;D
Thanks Timothy!


Excellent, :clap:


Fantastic Timothy, thanks!


Thank you that’s very useful


My pleasure :slight_smile:


Extremely useful, thanks so much!

I have a question. Can the RLP code be debugged using Visual C#? In other words will the Visual C# debugger step into the RLP code? If not then how do you debug it?



Unfortunately you can’t debug it.


You can actually, but you need JTAG


Sorry I meant not from Visual C# :slight_smile:


I’d like to start experimenting with RLP on my EMX. As I understood RLP was disabled for the EMX dev board…is this still the case?


It’s still locked, yes.


Updated link to ‘Getting started with GHI RLP’: