BLE WithTeensy,Oxygen and Windows IoT Core

To be able to communicate via a serial port with Windows IoT Core, I had to help myself by modifying the Teensy and use it as an USB Serial device. But I wanted also, to send commands to the Teensy which then is connected to the Raspberry PI 2 running Windows 10 IoT Core. Therefore I used the excellent Oxygen board in conjunction with the Hydrogen BLE Module, driven by a Bluegiga BLE113 module. The Oxygen connects via Hydrogen to any app that is capable to enlist and use BLE Devices. This can be done from Windows, Android or iOS. In this demo I show how the UWP app (Windows 10) is connecting to the Hydrogen module, which is sending data to the Teensy via a serial connection. A blog-post will follow with source and more information’s about the used hard- and software. The blog-post will include also the Azure part.


I actually finished the blog-post and another video:

“Fun on Microsoft Azure with Windows 10 IoT Core, NETMF, Raspberry Pi 2, Oxygen, Hydrogen and Teensy”