BitmapToBMPFile function on PC C# aplication side

Can i make a function - or is there one which that makes the same that
BitmapToBMPFile does. I run a C# application and it would be a better if i could call this function on the PC and not on the FEZ Cobra - better for me to send less bytes to PC :D. THX

You will nedd to write one

Have you got the specification of the obtained Bitmap Object (So i can figure out what way to convert it :D)?

Of course I mean the Bitmap object I obtain from the webcam on FEZ CObra - i assume its not an ordinary Bitmap.

The question is, what is an ordinary bitmap for you.
What you get is the bitmap data part.
What would you like to do with the image data from the webcam ?

You can get the full Bitmap data with header like this :

// allocate buffer
        byte[] outputFile = new byte[image.Width * image.Height * 3 + 54];

        // convert to BMP file
        Util.BitmapToBMPFile(image.GetBitmap(), image.Width, image.Height, outputFile);