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Bionic pancreas - a step closer


This is one of the reasons I love ‘Gadgets’ because they can do so much to improve our lives, our work and our world, in short gadgets/devices/etc are the future. Now as the geek and a Microsoft fan, I have to admit I’m concerned when I see stuff like this powered by an iPhone as it tells me that perhaps Microsoft isn’t the development platform of choice that it used to be, and ultimately that leads to the question why not and then to the even better question of what can be done about that. Gadgeteer and NetMF should be important to Microsoft and I think there is a chance that they finally might be seeing that and now perhaps doing something about it, but proof is needed and hopefully over the next couple of weeks we might be seeing some evidence, or at least I hope we will.


A better write up about this here:

[quote]In two separate experiments, Damiano and Russell’s team tested the device on 20 “free-range” adults and 32 teenagers at a special summer camp for youth and children with diabetes. The results surpassed anything the researchers had hoped for, they reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.

“The system was able to bring everybody into the range that reduces complications,” Russell said. “Not just half of them. Not just three-fourths of them. Everybody.” No one had a hypoglycemic crash. “There’s no current standard-of-care therapy that could match the results we saw,” Damiano said.

The next step in trials starts on Monday, when 10 patients will try an even more challenging test at Massachusetts General Hospital. They’ll wear the device and use it in truly real-life conditions, living and working normally without a nurse hovering nearby.