Bing Maps, Azure and Gadgeteer a natural fit

Its no secret that I’m a HUGE Gadgeteer fan, but I’m also a Microsoft MVP and have been one for 10 years and so I’m in Seattle attending the annual MVP Summit Conference and while all of our sessions are under NDA I can say that I attended a Bing Map and Azure discussion today as I think they are a great fit for Gadgeteer. I’ve have projects running with and and they work great, but the question is what happens when I deploy lots of Gadgeteer sensors, how do I collect the data and then once I have it, what do I do with it. Azure seems to be a natural for collecting it and Nick Harris’s blog entry pretty much cemented that was highly doable, now that you have buckets of data from your sensors, now what, enter Bing Maps as way to visualize that data

Now what was really cool, is I was talking to one of the attendees there and we might have a project that would be a very cool showcase for Gadgeteer, Azure and Bing Maps, hope we can make it happen.

I should also mention, there is a high amount of interest in Gadgeteer from MVP’s attending this conference and hopefully I can expand on this in a couple of days.


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Good push!
Enjoy the summit, with no doubt the ultimate event to share the inspiration of MVP’s community from around the world.

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All sounds terrific :slight_smile:

This is really cool. Looking forward to seeing that demo :slight_smile:

I’m curious on the codeshare