Bing It On

Interesting site:

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Bing 3
Google 2

Maybe I’ll give Bing another go as my default… Anyone know what the Bing equivalent search is for this Google search?

      " xbee"

Google 2
Bing 1
2 searches w/ nearly identical results for a draw

That syntax should work just fine. I tend to use +[em]term[/em] when using multiple keywords, to ensure that I get all of them, so something like this: +Visual +Studio

but I know that site:[em]url[/em] works the same on Bing as on Google.

Bing 3
Google 1
Draw 1

Not too shabby. :slight_smile:

Well…indeed it does. I must have messed something up when I tried it earlier. I was getting results back from multiple sites. Did you just jump in there and push out a hotfix to Bing? :wink:

Bing 4
Google 1

Bing: 0
Google: 2

Try to search my faculty, strategy games (like chess), my partner, micro framework, aquarium.

LOL! Trust me, you would not want me writing search engine code. String parsing has never been my strong suit. RegEx makes my head hurt. :wink:

Ditto dat!

That’s what they invented Lucene for :slight_smile:

I had a bad run in with bing a year or two ago. Left a bad taste in my mouth.

My wife uses a macbook and safari, so she is used to just type “g” in the address bar and press enter. This will bring up google for her on her mac.

So we where sitting at my windows box, and she types “g” in the address bar and presses enter, as usual. This did an automatic search on bing for “g”. The results where VERY X rated, with pictures of naked women etc. Que fight. Wife blames me, it must be on the screen because I go looking for pictures of naked women and its my pc’s history that poped up etc. So I did it on purpose, went to bing and search for “g”, same result, not my fault.

I do see that they have fixed it, but should it have been a problem?

Looks like you got caught Errol :slight_smile: