Big Year

Yup so MPN joined, Skewworks is awaiting approval as a Microsoft Embedded Partner, new version of all the software coming, starting to do some hardware and working really hard to make Skewworks full-time this year. :dance:

If it weren’t for working in multiple locations I’m pretty sure I’d have already fused with my desk chair. :wink:


Congrats - I’m sure you will make a great go of it :slight_smile:

How is the module building going?

w00t! Livin’ the dream! Congrats!

Waiting for the last part of the GPS then I just need to sell off the left over stock to finance the next modules. We already have LiPo board designed and ready to go. :slight_smile:



Just got word, once Microsoft receives our NDA Skewworks will be officially accepted as a partner. :smiley:

Going to need to find a nice place to put that logo.

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That’s AWE & SOME SKW.

Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate!

Do you mean where to put a tattoo?

LOL, or possibly just the Embedded Partner logo on my website.

I’d be willing to get a GHI tattoo if Gus wants to pay for “ad rental” space. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats, again! When do you want my resume’? :wink:

How soon can you start working for peanuts?


Logo’s up, it must be official. :wink:

Looks good! :clap:

@ Skewworks - congratulations! Looks good.

That is a shiny logo !

Wish you they very best.

Woo! Hoo! I really wanted to post the LMFAO video again but I think there’s a rule against doing that twice within 24 hrs :wink:

Bam step 2 in my 5000 step process to being independently wealthy complete. Paperwork for Skewworks to finally be a proper s-corp filed.

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