Best way to read an analog voltage (NTC-Resistor) electrically isolated

Thanks. Yes, they seem to have A/D converters with electrical isolation in one chip (exactly what I wanted to have). However they seem to have only two A/D channels in one chip. For a DIY project it were nice to have the chips on a breakout board. Any case, … interesting chips.

I looked at their RS485 isolators but ended up using their ADUM1201 instead as none of the options offered automatic TX, which I needed. I used the MAX13487 for the RS485 transceiver. Parts cost was a little higher but the reduced code to control the RTS was worth it and the RS485 works flawlessly with a noisy Variable Speed Drive. The previous non-isolated prototype version failed when the motor was started.

The biggest gripe I have with the MAX13487, which I have used multiple times, is that it is 5V only. The 2nd issue, but less of a concern, is that there are no other manufactures. In a standard RS-485 application there are multiple parts from multiple suppliers that will work in an 8pin package, provided that the RTS is available.

In my latest design, I am using the ADUM1201 as well along with an I2C isolator to isolate a switchable RS-232, RS-485, and CAN output. I2C handles the switching between drivers on the isolated side. Since it has isolated power having it on 5V is pretty easy.