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Best game EVAR?


For the name, if nothing else. And the actual game is pretty cool, too! :slight_smile:


Where are skewworks and Steve?


:slight_smile: I can’t sit through the whole thing. Does pinhead eventually appear?



We’re too busy making the real best game ever :wink:


@ ian

LOL! Funny you should mention that…no pinhead, but I just finished the game (not to 100%, but fulfilled the minimum requirements to “finish”), and let’s just say that it gets interesting for a while. I’ll leave it at that.

If you’re into puzzle games, I highly recommend this one. Quite clever in its own way, even if portions of it are slightly derivative. Quite entertaining.

@ skewworks

No insult intended to your fine efforts, of course. But surely with a name like “Fez” you have to give them some props. :slight_smile:


We have to put skewworks under pressure because we love his work and want to see more.


@ devhammer haha yeah I know, but the FEZ Monkey will be appearing in at least one game. GHI has already given permission for use :smiley: