Best bet for GHI board, display (and use WPF), and serial port

I have in mind an application where I receive info over the serial port and plot a simple graph (~300 points) and a few other things on a small (3 to 7") screen. I’d like to use WPF if possible. Can someone make some recommendations as far as equipmnent?

I am seriously considering the FEZ Panda II and FEZ Touch, along with an RS232 Shield. This would do everything I need EXCEPT the part about using WPF. The limiting factor is the Panda II not the Touch.

Can someone recommend something else that would allow me to use WPF? I would prefer if this “something else” is easy to set up (no sodering, jumpering cables, etc.). That is the attraction of the Panda II, Touch and RS232 Sheild. Specific recommendations would be most welcome

Thanks in advance,


The only FEZ boards that support WPF are the Cobra and the Spider. The ChipworkX and EMX development systems also support WPF.

Look at GHI’s Glide. It is easy to use and much faster than WPF but it does require the same boards as WPF.

Can you elaborate on why using WPF is important for this project? If it is because you are proficient with it, take a look at using Glide on an EMX device (Spider is nice!). I’m not sure if anybody has done graphing in Glide yet, but poke around this forum, as I know similar topics have been discussed.

If you go with the Panda, the Touch is technically not your only option, but practically, it is. If you want a bigger display, go with beefier EMX or ChipworkX based hardware. Check out Skewworks Spiral offering for the Panda/Touch. Displaying graphics (other than text) is a balancing act between available resources and refresh rate. If the display is going to be refreshed a lot, go with more resources and a smaller display. If mostly a static display, you can go with a larger one.

You’ll find existing info (and forum members) all over this site that will help you make a decision.

Best bets:

WPF: Cobra, Spider, ChipworkX; straight NETMF.

Aided Non-WPF:

  1. Glide (free personal, 999.95 commercial) works on Cobra, Spider, ChipworkX
  2. Pyxis 2 (free/open source) works on Cobra, ChipworkX has numerous controls & libraries
  3. Spiral (12.99 from Skewworks) works on Panda II w/ FEZ Touch or Domino w/ compatible screen
  4. Gadetos (Pyxis 3) still in development but with an upcoming release date, offers more hardware support an enhanced GUI, profile system and more.