Belty - at last a product that makes sense

All these smart watches etc and really how much sense do they make. For example if you looked at one worn by an Italian telling a story you would think the guy walked a million miles that day, or really how many of us want to wear something on our wrist as wasn’t one of the ideas of technology to free us from this paraphernalia? Enter Belty and intelligent thing that most men (at least and really how many woman are tech freaks, now I know there are a few of you female tech freaks out there, but I’m a tree hugging capitalist and facts and numbers are on my side) and some women wear, right, a belt and given most belts have in fact some size to them for ergonomic reasons (not many of us wear baler twine belts), why not use this space to install all your sensors etc. so you get readings for core body moments and have the added bonus that most people don’t wear a belt to bed, so sleep time is a good ‘charging’ time for it. Toss in that you can add some heft to a belt for things like sensors, batteries etc and most folks wouldn’t notice and so there are some bright folks who did this and may I introduce Belty, the star of this year’s CES show, simply because its a brilliant idea.

A agree that a belt is an ideal space to put a wearable. I don’t wear watches, rings, or anything else that’s going to be hanging on my body but I always have a belt on (except when I have my shorts on in the summer…). However, that WWF prize sized thing in the article is not it…

Been there, done that (skip to 24 seconds in…the embed doesn’t appear to do it automatically):


[quote=“ianlee74”]that WWF prize sized thing in the article is not it…[/quote]Clearly your not from Texas…

Not as stylish as my enormous mp3 belt buckle!


@ mtylerjr - It would look so much cooler with this add-on! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: