Beginners guide to C# and .NET Micro Framework; 26. XML

While attempting to create a web server that would deliver XML I googled: “net micro framework xmlwirter” I found just what I was looking for and it worked for my purposes. I noticed that the link I followed wasn’t from the ghielectronics or tinyclr sites, it is at The document is titled: " Beginners guide to C# and .NET Micro Framework" October 8th 2010 Rev 1.06

Remembering I had read this manual a long time ago when I think it was only up to including blinking and LED I returned to the source to get the real deal, from the horses mouth so to speak.

There doesn’t appear to be a chapter 26. XML in the version(s) I’ve found at ghiElectronics or TinyClr. Has it been moved to another publication? wazup?

somewhat confused, - jeffa

Is this what you are looking for?

That looks like it. Thanks. Guess they moved some chapters from the guide to a wiki and are no longer available for download in the guide document?

c ya… - jeffa

This ?

That only goes up to Chapter 11.

I have a copy, I could email.

I think most of it is here now:

Tutorials tab

The book was shortened to only have the very basics so it is true beginners guide. The rest was moved to the wiki, where architect pointed out.

@ jeffa -

I believe I have what you are looking for.

I’ll send you what I have. will_george sbcglobal net

Identify about book so I don’t trash the mail

Could I post the book in codeshare as a zip for others?

Not sure that would be allowed?

Image of cover