Beginner's guide to analog input sensors


I made a beginner’s guide to using analog input sensors - here it is:

Posting it here because, well, here’s the first site I’d myself try and find such info, and, more importantly, because I’m going for the 10k topics prize :slight_smile:

Suggestions for improvement are much appreciated!


@ harleydk - Nice post.

But you missed the boat - your 10,004 :wink:

Damn! :slight_smile: Well 'twas worth a shot :slight_smile:

I’ve really gotten into using your connectivity module to hook the analog input sensors up, by the way - makes it a breeze! Don’t forget to bill me! :slight_smile:

A pint of Carlsberg if I ever make it over :wink:

Probably not a fair trade but I’d shake hands on that deal in a heartbeat - I always keep a healthy amount of that particular currency handy :slight_smile: