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Hi all,

I got my spider kit last week and I’ve been having fun, but not without some difficulties. I started with the camera project and was able to get a few images but it wasn’t consistently taking an image and was busy a lot. I updated the firmware using the new firmware updater and it’s working better. The one thing I had to infer from the process was that switches needed to be back in default position. Do I have to hit reset after setting back to default?

The other question is Visual Studio related. I’m trying to load various solutions out there but the designer doesn’t want to show the modules. Is there a trick to this? I’ve resorted to creating an empty project then then adding the other projects.


Any time switches are changed the reset button needs to be pressed in order for the change to kick in.

I’ve found the designer to be iffy. I typically end up starting the designer from scratch, as in, deleting the main board and all modules and re-adding them in. You may run into naming problems, but those are easy to sort out.

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Thanks Boogie.

I would try that but the toolbox is empty. I’m using 2010 Express, not sure if that is an issue, I wouldn’t think so.


Did you install the 2nd and 3rd link from this page and install them? Support – GHI Electronics

Yes. I checked the MS release notes:

  1. Open the .csproj file for each of your projects and update the value of
    TargetFrameworkVersion from

but I couldn’t find that element in the file. Then I got a hunch to check the references and they were broken for the GHI resources. I readded them, saved the file and reloaded and the diagram appears with a full toolbox.


Yeah reference can definitely be out of date. I’ve never had it to where my toolbox was empty tho. Latest references will be added as you add hardware in the designer which is why I recommended that.

I think it’s just user error, if I double click on the Program.Gadgeteer node everything seems to get reset. I’ll test with another downloaded project.

Yeah it’s my error, if i open the Toolbox window after opening downloaded project, it is empty. Double clicking the mentioned node and all is fine. I’m used to VS with C++ and MFC


The toolbox will not show anything till you start a gadgeteer project first.

Hi Gus,

I think the issue was that my SDK was newer than the projects I downloaded were built with. If double click on the Program.Gadgeteer node in the solution view everything is fine.


Complete newbie here. I have the Hydra, USB Client SP1.2, and the Ethernet ENC28 1.0 Everything is in stalled and running. Visual Studio is up and running. However, I do not see either the USB client or the ENC28 in the toolbox. How do I get an update to include these modules?

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These modules do not need to be in toolbox for now. They run automatic without drivers.

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