Beginner needs help connecting dht11 to fez panda l

Hello i need help connecting the dht11 temperature and huminty sensor also i want to know if this information can be displayed in a windows form application. search fro DHT11

Thanks but can i display the temperature and humitity in a windows aplication

Yes you can but this is a complete different topic. start by making sure you can read your sensor and hten we can talk about connecting to a PC.

i don’t have sensor shield for the fez panda so i might need to buy one

Looks like a really nice sensor.

It only requires a single I/O pin so I see no need for a shield. Just choose one of the available I/O pins on the Panda and wire it to the “S” pin and 5V & ground to the others and then use the software to read the data.

I do not have the sensor, so I have not tested this. See his notes on the code page about pin selection.

for displaying a sensor value in a winform application you need to think about the problem in two stages.

First, get your sensor working on it’s own, using Visual Studio (debug.print, stepping, breakpoints etc) to make sure you have the code working properly. Ian’s pointer to the code repository should help.

Second, you need to decide how you’re going to communicate between the PC and the Fez. You could do it many ways. You could enable a network and use a HTTP GET to retrieve a value in your winform app. You could use a serial connection to send the value out periodically and have the winform app read the serial port (look at the concepts in FezTerm as a way to show that kind of thing; [url][/url]). What option you choose is up to you and what you really want the end device and app to do; personally I’d suggest networking is coolest solution to the problem - and it adds to the internet of things :slight_smile:

So if i am right on the connections
the sensor:

the fez panda

The sample code uses Di6 and Di7, start with this and then modify to use other interrupt capable pins.

The DHT11 is 5v tolerant but you may want to plug the DHT11 VDD (Pin1) to the 3.3 volt on Panda.


So if I am correct what I want to do is plug the the vdd into the 3.3 volt ,and plug the gnd to gnd,and I just need help for what is Di6 and Di7.Also is there a certain type of cable that i need to solder.

They are digital pins on the Panda, and they are labelled on the board. I strongly suggest reading all of the beginner documentation first, then try to make the onboard LED blink. Only then should you move on to reading the sensor.

See if this helps

Thanks you so much to everyone who helped me I will go thought all of the beginner doecumentation.