Begginer guide to stepper motors

So I am pretty much a complete beginner to Gadgeteer. But I have some parts, plenty of ideas and time to learn :slight_smile:
Ive had some experience with servos but where would I start if I want to control a stepper motor such as this:
to my Gadgeteer spider?

The only module i’ve found that sounds like it may work is this one:
GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

but im not sure about the code.
any suggestions would be great,


Hi Jon

You definetely need a stepper specific controller to connect a stepper to a device. SolderMonkey’s module is such a specific controller, with all the Gadgeteer stuff wrapped around it. I don’t really know enough about steppers to say whether it’s an appropriate driver for any particular stepper motor, but from the basic spec of it being a 0.6A motor it comes in under Soldermonkey’s module’s capability (2.5A) so should be fine.

If you’re interested in the module, you can download the Soldermonkey SDK and install it and see what it offers - I haven’t seen any projects using this personally.

Cheers Brett, ill give it a try with the SDK. The thing is i’m located in Germany and Solder-monkey don’t seem to ship to Europe, so i’m a little stuck regarding the module - any other ideas?

Sure ! Find a stepper driver chip, and design your own. Or at least ping Soldermonkey and see if EU shipping is possible?

SolderMonkey is very helpful as I have a LittleStep Module module, but I haven’t fully tested it yet, but he been really good about answering my questions. I’ve placed a number of orders from him and been really happy with the stuff I have gotten from him (I don’t know if I could build a gadget without sliders anymore).