Be nice to your old or unused hardware (I just built someting :) )

I just saw a sad :(, little Arduino Pro Micro laying around today. It was one of the first devices I had to try around with microcontrollers. I thought about if it can be useful for something. Some time ago I saw a capactior-tester based on an Arduino on the web [url][/url] (it’s in german). As I still have a very old and very basic (you could also say crappy :D) multimeter, that doesn’t support mesuring capacitors, I just built a small device with the Arduino and an 1602 LCD. I haven’t written the code by myself, I just copied it from the website above and added some code, so the results are shown on the LCD instead of the serial-console and a LED flashes when the mesurement is completed (it takes some time, if you have a large capacitor). If the LED disturbs it can be deactivated via a jumper.
I just made some pictures an a video so you have something to look at :). I hope the small Arduino feels a bit happier now ;).


I bet it feels 8-bits happier :smiley:

Nice job!

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