@ devhammer - I love the guy at 3:50 putting out the fire with his bottle of sweet tea! Is that uncle Si from Duck Dynasty? :smiley:

@ ianlee74 - My fave is the last one…Jeff pointed out during the keynote that when the guy raises the controller over his head, that’s the universal R/C sign for “this vehicle is no longer under my control.”

That has to be the most helpless feeling, knowing that $50K and hours of effort are about to go down in flames. But these guys know the risks going in.

Yea, its kind of like that second or two that you’re sliding down a wet road in your car just before it slams into a tow truck… :cry:

That sounds like the voice of experience. I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid the whole “sliding into another vehicle” thing (though I have had some entertaining moments with ice patches, including one that got me stuck in a ditch). I have, however, on a couple of occasions had people slide into me on wet roads. I’m now fairly well attuned to the sound of tires sliding on wet pavement.