Battery Power?

Can you hook a 6v rc battery to the Cobra, or is additional voltage regulation required?

Yes you can. See cobra schematics if you know hardware please

Hey Gus, being a software guy, I don’t completely understand the schematic. Do I hook the positive terminal of the 6v battery to the 5v in\out pin? Negative to the ground pin?

If you don’t want to use the power connector CON1 you can use the pins

Thanks Gralin, the connector makes more sense. Size N from Radio Shack seems to be the right one. I assume the markings next to it mean that the inner connection is positive and the outer is negative. Why are there markings on the board and on the schematic for 12v? Can you hook up a 12 volt battery to the Cobra as well?

Yes you can, but read this thread: