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Battery power


I have a fex cobra with 3.5 display. I read some where that the power pack with 4 AA batteries will not power both the board and display together. What is the alternative? What will it take to power the board and display by batteries? Thanks


Four regular batteries could power the unit and display, but not for long. Four recharge batteries would not work.

How long do you want to operate off batteries? To answer your question, we need to know the required battery capacity.

You would want to use a recharge battery because of the high available capacity. You could use 5 or 6 recharge batteries.

But, if you were driving a motor, you would need two battery packs.

Bottom lineā€¦ what are you trying to accomplish?


I would suggest a lipo battery. They have huge endurance and power.
To be precise: my leatherman knife is damaged due to shart circuit. :smiley: