Batteries and Real Time Clock Modules?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently gotten into .NET Gadgeteer and was wondering if you guys could help me. I’m looking for recommendations for a Real Time Clock Module. It needs to have a battery so it won’t lose the time when it’s switched off :slight_smile:

And also any battery modules you know of. I’ve seen the one that uses 4 AA batteries, but I was wondering if there was any based on Lithium batteries? Also, are there any known problems with such modules?

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John :slight_smile:

hi John, welcome to the forum.

Battery. Well, yes, there’s a few modules built by forum members that use lithium batteries, you can search for soldermonkey and also check out Tri-power here…

RTC. Well, depending on your mainboard, you may already have RTC inbuilt, and you just need to power it up. What mainboard do you have??

Hi Brett,

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look at SolderMonkey :slight_smile: Creations?

I’ve got a Fez Spider, which I think has one in? But would I be right in thinking that if the power source (battery/USB) runs out the time will be lost? I was thinking more along the lines of a module that has a watch battery on, like motherboards used to have, so that the clock would be powered by that, so if the main power ran out, the clock would still keep going. Does that make sense?


For FEZ Spider a coin battery (2032) is all you need for RTC (I think).

Community -> Creations. It’s where we can post things we make and want to sell to the community.

If I remember right DFRobot has more than one RTC Gadgeteer modules.

DF Robot SD2405 Real-Time clock Module:

Driver posted here:

Brett - Thanks, I’ll check that out :slight_smile: I have already brought some levels fro Justin and an Octopus :slight_smile:

Everyone else - Thanks, I’ll check those out :slight_smile: