Batchmode for FEZConfig

Does FEZConfig has a batch mode, or des GHI plan to implement one.
I want to build an semi automatic process to do an initial loader/firmware/app update, and after that an device test.
The device is G120 based.
To do so I would need a command line tool to do like follows:

at first:
FEZConfig.exe getversions
> Loader V4.3.4
> Firmware V4.3.6
FEZConfig.exe loaderupdate /loader "C:\Firmware\Loader.ghi" /firmware "C:\Firmware\Firmware.hex" "C:\Firmware\Firmware2.hex" /configuration "C:\Firmware\Config.hex"
or if loader is already correct:
FEZConfig.exe firmwareupdate /firmware "C:\Firmware\Firmware.hex" "C:\Firmware\Firmware2.hex" /configuration "C:\Firmware\Config.hex"
and then
FEZConfig.exe appupdate /application "C:\App\App.hex"

For me it could always use the 1st detected device automatically or the device name could be provided as an parameter.
But then a

FezConfig.exe detectdevices
> G120_G120
> G120_Gadgeteer

Would come in handy.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - We would like to support something like that for FEZ Config, but we don’t have a timeline for it. You can always add it to the task tracker in the mean time.

@ John - Done: