Basic Troubleshooting Rule

Rule: Even if you just fixed a specific component a few weeks (or months) ago, don’t assume it’s not the problem.

Just finished rigging a work-around for our clothes washer to keep it working. This morning, it suddenly stopped. No motor activity at all, no agitating, no spin, nothing motor-related, and no noise. Tub would still fill, so I knew we had power to the outlet and water supply was working.

Just about a year ago, I’d fixed the washer and replaced the lid switch, so I figured it probably wasn’t that.

Well, it turns out that it was. :frowning:

Thankfully, I hadn’t spent a great deal of time trying other troubleshooting steps, but just figured it couldn’t hurt to post this as a reminder. Sometimes it IS the obvious solution, and sometimes it IS the thing you just fixed, despite the fact that it shouldn’t be broken again that quickly. Let’s hear it for crappy replacement parts!


I have a similar rule around my house - even if it was the youngest son last time do not assume it was not him again this time… :smiley:


Awesome! Very good Dad rule. :slight_smile: