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Basic question about Gadgeteer.Modules.GHIElectronics reference


I searched around but most posts assumed one already knew this, and you can’t see this from example code.
What assembly do I add to get this?
Is there a way to search Assemblies for a certain type or name space?
JIm D.


welcome to the forum.
If you make a Gadgeteer application and use the designer, the needed assemblies are automatically included.
What do you want to do?
Do you have problems with something special?
Cheers Roland

Did you read this?


Hi Roland -
Thanks for the help, but I can not get the g-apps to deploy - it does the iteration loop thang with 4.2 firmware then fails as shown below with 4.3, My home grown app deploys just fine with 4.2 firmware and I have some IOs working.
I am using VS2012 and "NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R2 Beta-3"
Is this the best choice?
If I flash over to the 4.3 BL and Tiny Clr NOTHING deploys, ( I have switched back a few times and clearly 4,3 firmware will not support deployment for me - regardless of what I target for the NETMF version).
I don’t know what results others are having in this area, but for me only 4,2. firmware works at all, and I have never had a G-App deploy.

4.3 Firmware and 4.3 NETMF G-app:

Error: a3000000

Waiting for debug commands…

The program ‘[1] Micro Framework application: Managed’ has exited with code 0 (0x0).


Error: a3000000

That usually means an unbalanced version of firmware and app references. Please start a new 4.3 app and try deploying that. If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest you have had a lingering SDK install that is still conflicting - try uninstalling all the SDKs and install them fresh

You also asked, is the beta the best choice. Possibly not, it’s still a beta ! But if you want 4.3 firmware, it’s your only option.


Thanks Brett.
To which side should I add the lead to help balance it ? :-).
Well I just uninstalled and reinstalled the GHI SDK before posting, and created the app.
If I have the 4.3 firmware on the board, should I be targeting the 4.3 .NET ? I remember reading somewhere that I should target the 4.2 NETMF, but perhaps it was in a different context, so it helps if you clarify that.

Do I want 4.3? I really don’t know - if I use 4.2 will it seamlessly port to 4.3?
When is GHI 4.3 expected to leave Beta? (I know, hard question).

I could live with VS2010 for now, but what new features are in 4.3, other than it works with VS2012?
I need this to work reliably, and don’t really care about the latest and greatest.
If you tell me exactly what I should install (with links, maybe?) I will gladly uninstall and reinstall again, and restore the balance to the Force.


OK, so here’s the skinny…

VS2012 can be used on 4.2, but you need to install the 4.3 SDK (the VS version matches the SDK latest version). So no matter what, you wouldn’t need to go back to VS2010.

“seamlessly port”. Well, no. But with effort, and usually not too much, it’ll work. There’s some GHI changes that have been introduced that will take a little to address (changing where classes are stored, the removal of the “Premium” and “OSHW” distinction).

The golden rule is - your firmware version is the most important version - you should create a new project and make sure you target that same version with your app.

Here’s what I would do. Open FezConfig and validate the firmware on the PC matches what you have deployed (take screenshot and share it here). Then create a new project just for this testing, and make sure you target the firmware version on your device. Deploy it, and if you have an error share the full deployment log here (not just the error code)


You can’t see the screen shot: tiny boot loader Tiny CLR


Ok, I got it working.

I uninstalled the NETMF 4.2 framework. I had read elsewhere (netduino forum I think) that you had to do this.

I selected the G400HDR Breakout instead of the G400 - the G400 is not supported on 4.3 according the the dialog box (it didn’t work with 4.2 either IIRC).

Balance is restored!
PS Connect all modules does not seem to work.
and what is Gadgeteer.Interfaces.I2CBus i2c; and other similar IOs now?


the right combination you need to install was:

VS 2012
Netmf SDK 4.3
GHI beta3 SDK 4.3

all listed on (except beta3)


Then what does:
Tip: If you installed 4.3, you’ll need to target 4.2 in your project properties as our firmware only supports 4.2.
Thats what hung me up… I don’t think that is correct.


that is the PRE BETA comment. It is true, for a supported and non-beta experience you need to target 4.2. If you are happy to be a beta tester, then target 4.3


Ok, obviously I figured that our, but I did look at that page many times and it just did not hit me.
You could add something like "Unless you are using the 4.3 beta then target 4.3"
It seems obvious, but when you are starting off, it’s easy to miss things like that.
And that statement stuck with me.


when the beta moves to full release, that page will be updated. I would doubt GHI want to document beta bits there - the beta thread is meant to be the place to find out about all this, rather than the core support page…


@ jcdonelson - sorry about any confusion. Typically the beta release is recommended for experienced users. We are working very hard to update the documentation.


Oh, ok. But you didn’t say that either…and I am glad you didn’t.
Actually, other than that one misdirection, I wouldn’t say it was any more difficult than 4.2.
Thank goodness I didn’t stick with 4.2, as it is I only wasted .5 day, not weeks only to have to tweak it for 4.3 and your lib changes.
I get experience by diving in. I’m fine, it was just a clue to a helpful update, sorry if my terse comment was taken otherwise. I’ve been doing this a long long time and I’ve seen much much worse.

Thanks for the help and quick responses. I’m very impressed.