Barometer Module

Do you know the version of the barometer module you have?

My module is version 1.0, so maybe it is a problem of the old series…

The one in my COSM project is a 1.0 version. My other barometers are 1.0 as well.

i just checked CodePlex source to see if they’ve posted the schematics to their latest module unfortunately all they have is V1.0

click Main>>Modules>>Seeed>>Barometer>>hardware

You may want to ask them to post the eagle files to 1.1 and compare traces to see what is different…

Good luck.


I’ve just ordered some other stuff from GHI, and put another Barometer Module on it. I’ll wait for my order to turn up, if that one is broken as well I’ll pick this thread back up.

Two new Barometer modules, straight out the packets have exactly the same problem.

Just a Summary:

Problem: Random values from sensor after start up until the Oscillator on the Barometer module it touched.

Attempts at a solution:
Multiple Barometer Modules, all V1.1
Multiple main board sockets
Multiple cables
Multiple main boards - Spider & Hydra
All extra hardware removed, now just USB-DP, Spider & Barometer
Powered by Li-Po battery not USB, USB disconnected.

If I prod it with something that’s not a conductor, pencil eraser for example, it stays broken, prod it with a piece of conductive foam and it’s fine. This to me rules out a bad solder joint, or something physically moving.

The values are correct if the main board is reset via its reset switch, instead of being powered off.

If the power is cut for less than 2 seconds the values remain correct on restart.

Could some at GHI just go and pull one of these modules (V1.1) from stock and try it and see what values they get?

I now have three of these modules (that’s $100 worth) sitting around, who’s only job now is as very ineffectual paper weights!!

I’ll grab a few and try them out now.

The problem is confirmed. We’ll see what we can find.

Edit: We have contacted Seeed about the issue.

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Did you ever get anything back from them, I’ve heard nothing back from them from my emails from a week ago.

Still waiting!!

I’m assuming that you’ve heard nothing as neither have I despite several attempts.

So what are we going to do about this?

The modules are pretty usless to me as they stand.

I wish someone could explain to me Seeed’s business model as I can’t belive that they are intentionally trying to tick off clients like they do, but they do. How long have they been in business for and how soon do they intend to run out of business? Someone should just buy them out of the Gadgeteer market as they do/did have some excellent modules, but support and pretty much everything else has certainly been AWOL. Do they treat all their customers like this or just the Gadgeteer customers?

From my other viewing of their service, the Gadgeteer piece is pretty much the only thing that’s treated this way. I suspect they’re good at getting contract assembly and interactions with suppliers, but the Gadgeteer modules tend to be different because they have software requirements, and I suspect their heart is in the hardware.

Seeed and Dangerous Prototypes have had a long association, which again is more about procurement/manufacture/distribution rather than the firmware/software side; so another example where they do operate well in the hardware side.

@ Brett - Still looks shoddy to me to not even to reply to a direct support email.

Also not sure how I feel about GHI still selling the module (with no warnings) after one of their guys confirmed there is an issue.


I’m with PerfectPhase on this one. There are way too many issues with Seeed modules. If we had some inkling that they were responsive to solving the problems, maybe I would cut them some slack. No response whatsoever is a slap in the face. The only thing I can do as a consumer is not buy the stuff.

I’m not sure if this is possible contractually, but I would wholly support GHI bagging their relationship with Seeed and making those modules in house. For the simpler ones, I can even help with that effort.

Might I suggest a Quick Reply button that says “Don’t buy the Seeed modules!”? It’s warranted given how much we see issues posted here!


Given all the bad feeling toward Seeed, I just want to check with you guys if you feel the same about their OLED display, I was planning on ordering one for use with the Hydra and Cerberus I will be ordering. Of course the CP7 is a better alternative, but I do not think it is available from at this stage.

There was a problem with it working in the previous beta SDK. Supposedly, this has been corrected in the RTM but I haven’t checked it yet. Many thanks again go to GHI for fixing Seeed’s drivers.

@ ianlee74, thank you for the feedback. As long as there are no hardware issues with the device, then it is fine. If I recall @ skewworks has also release an excellent replacement for the driver so software wise I guess we are in good shape. It is that hardware that makes me concerned…

Maybe I will hold out until mouser gets the GHI CP7… It is just that I like visuals so I want a screen with my Cerberus :slight_smile: