Barometer module returns different data for Spider and Hydra

When I connect barometer module to Hydra I get 0 for pressure and temperarure is round to whole number. The same code and same module returns correct data on Spider board.

FEZ Hydra output:
Temperature: 25.00 degrees Celsius. Pressure: 0.00 hPa.

FEZ Spider output:
Temperature: 24.11 degrees Celsius. Pressure: 997.23 hPa.


This is strange! Working with temperature but not with pressure. Will give it a try here.

We have confirmed this problem on the FEZ Hydra. There is currently a problem with I2C, which the module uses. The module receives 0 for both temperature and pressure, and after conversion, the temperature will always be 25. We are currently working to correct this, and will have a fix soon.

@ Stepan Bechynsky

I2C did have a bug. It has been fixed and tested with the barometer module. The temperature and the pressure both change. This fix will be included when the new SDK is released soon.

I uploaded new SDK recently and am just trying out Seed’s barometer example. Both temperature and pressue output realistic values to Debug.Print, which is great. Now for the accelerometer.