Bambino, a new gadgeteer mainboard

Quadcopter just got a nice boost, one cpu for communications and payload and a second cpu for flight dynamics, sweet!!!

No, I think this is essentially two MCUs bolted together. I don’t even know whether they share a single set of peripherals.

As long as you’re willing to do one or the other in native code, yes.

And that is a huge boost, on this chip the M0 runs at a whopping 204 Mhz as well.

Looking at the data sheet, both cores share the same AHB and therefore share the peripherals.

There is an extensive mechanism for IPC between the two cores including register based interface, command queues etc. the integration between the cores really seems quite extensive.

Here is the data sheet

Wouldn’t this new board be better especially if one would have been able to use RLP, Imagine your RLP functions being run in the M0, and then feeding the results to M4…

Anyone know if that 8MB of SPI Flash is really 8MByte, or 8Mbit?

NETMF really needs a built-in native code solution.

Now we have a board, let’s see what happens. Two cores is one thing, but two cores that are not having the same specs is another. The near future will bring other interesting assymmetric options, and many more cores.

NETMF will grow with that, I hope.

I don’t know. I would be REALLY surprised to see symmetric multiprocessing (multi-core, like desktops do it) show up in the microcontroller space (Cortex-M), because the focus there isn’t on MORE PROCESSOR POWER, it’s on size, cost, and power consumption.

When more computing power is needed, generally it shows up in the form of dedicated hardware (think crypto accelerators, DSP hardware, etc), not in the form of raw CPU power.

If you want super-powerful CPUs, that is already available. Just grab yourself a Cortex-A instead of a Cortex-M, and you’re all set.

Got my order in, so when the Bambino 200E is ready I should have one, can hardly wait to try that bad boy out.

now there’s a surprise :smiley:

Native Interops…?

I’m thinking more like RLP. Come to think of it, RLPLite could simply be contributed to the core NETMF code wholesale, no?

anyone try it out yet.
i just ordered one of each to try out