Baltic Robot Sumo event

Hey guys. I and couple of my friends were participating in a robot show today. When I was driving home, I asked one of my friend write review. So here it is

[quote]On April 23rd in Klaipeda, Lithuania, one of the biggest robot competition Baltic Robot Sumo 2011 took place. Around 100 robots were presented in different categories: 3 kg sumo, 0,5 kg sumo, Roomba sumo, line following (beginner and advanced) and freestyle. Participants from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia & Poland competed for the grand prix cup, which is passed to the owner of the best robot every year.
Our team had a chance to present an entertainment robot, named RoomBoomBox, in the freestyle category. It was based on an iRobot Roomba, using it as the carrying platform. On top we placed a stereo speaker system. Everything was controlled by FEZ Panda, which was responsible for uniting MP3 module, SD card, Roomba, monochrome LCD display and a remote control. Yes, we maxed it out (having some lags only when it was trying to do everything at once), but it performed very well and reliable.
Having it all built up and working, we started spreading the word to all robot constructors about this platform. Some of them were skeptic about just another platform, but when we told them how really easy and simple it is, they said ok, it is an equal competitor to the existing ones.
The most perspective participants from all 4 countries were rewarded with FEZ Panda kits for projects like the most complex design in Roomba, humanoid built from as scratch or a soccer robo-player. We would like to give more attention to one Lithuanian team (a teacher and 4 guys), who, being the youngest participants in all event, managed to rule the podium, taking all three top places in line following beginners class. You should have seen their enthusiasm during the event and those sparkling young eyes, when their teacher showed them a surprise, in a form of a new platform ;-).
All of them promised to bring some working robots or their parts, based on Panda, to the next competition.
Our biggest thanks go to Gus & his team for helping all above to happen!

some interest in Panda II




Joy of Panda

Love the pictures, I wish I could have made it.
Hit me back next year I may come :slight_smile:

Gus, I would love to meet You in person :slight_smile:

And thanks again, for everything.

@ Rimvis. Congratulations! I assume it is you in the TinyCLR t-shirt, right? What was the 4th country?

Yep, it’s me.

Poland, right (missed that). Yep, I see GHI as a sponsor (surprised it is not in the GHI official news blog).


it’s our entry. Completly powered by FEZ Panda.

Gus we need the Fez t-shirt image so we can Zazzle it ourselves :slight_smile:

lol I like the video

@ Rimvis did you win?

Something is in the works guys…stay tuned, as always :slight_smile:

@ Architect no prize. But I’m not saying I’m lose :slight_smile:

It wasn’t our intention to win. We needed to entertain visitors. And have some fun for us. Driving hard rock playing vacum cleaner to inocent ppl - You must see their faces :smiley:

Besides, I was one of the event referee, so I couldn’t get the prize anyway :wink: