Well it’s been fun but I need to strike a proper family/work life balance.

Netmf has been an interesting side track, but is absorbing far too much of my time and the family and day job have been suffering too much.

I will be making up stock when I get the opportunity and will be adding more supportive documentation as I am finding this is taking up far to much time - the paperwork is always the last priority.



You’ve been so prolific, I thought this was your full time job :wink: I can commiserate with you on finding the best balance - it’s hard to do when this stuff is so much fun. Your contribution to this community is greatly appreciated.

I know how that feels :frowning:

What’s up with the avatar?

Family is always the #1 priority.

Thanks for the contributions to the community and the help you’ve provided me personally!

Take care of family and business for sure but come by and say hi whenever you have time. We will miss you.

Justin, I’m sorry for nagging you about the website. I didn’t think it would run you off… :wink:

You will certainly be missed around here. I hope this is just a short vacation. I understand getting too distracted by the hobby. I’ve been there and back several times already. Problem is that I always tend to find another distraction to fill the void :frowning:

Only a few of us are superhumans.

Can GHI take over for you on some stuff?

Yes, hope I was not part of the problem. Good luck with rebalancing, that should always be everyone’s priority!

Thank you for all your help and usefull tips!

Boo… Why can’t geeks stay single???

Ha ha, only kidding. I have a SWMBO myself and know where you are coming from. I spend the week working and playing and then give the family my time at the weekend. Those 2 days are hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Best regards to you Justin and wish you well…

So how are you planning to stay sane without your toys???.. Don 't you need your fix to be balanced :slight_smile: