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Bad Firmware


After updating my FEZ domino to the new firmware 1.0.11, I got the error message ‘Bad firmware’ after the ‘FileTransfer Finished Successfully’ message. I’ve selected File 'USBizi_CLR.GHI (should be correct).
What happened, what have I done wrong? :o

Edit: OK, I did the update again, now it seems to work, phee :smiley:


Was that with TerraTerm or the uploader by any chance?


Maybe corrupt file? Download and then install the SDK again. Follow update instruction. It should work fine.


I saw that also first time. I uploaded again in same session it worked. So not sure.


I get this message when trying to load the firmware file in MFDeploy, is it normal ?

[quote]Exception: Unknown format at line 1 of C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI NETMF v4.1 SDK\USBizi\Firmware\USBizi_CLR.GHI:
���������xD�$o9�DzU�$o9�DzU�ym!��a-�v-�l�@ f��3;?,T#ˌ�O���j���|[/quote]


No that’s not normal :stuck_out_tongue:
Did you try tore-download and re-install the SDK ?


See manuals, tutorial and videos. Mfdeploy can be used only with cobra. You need xmodem


The big yellow link “update your firmware” on the dl page dosn’t point to the right video IMO, it sould point to


I followed the firmware update video and after starting the xmodem send there is no progression in file transfer, it starts at 100% and stays like this.
Afterwards I get this with MFDeploy : SolutionReleaseInfo.solutionVersion:
I suppose the transfer doesn’t work, what am I doing wrong ?


Maybe powers weak?


After trying lots of things (powered USB, external power, another Panda, booted under Windows XP) I realized that the first time I tried to send the firmware file I might have clicked on the receive option instead of send :smiley:

After reinstalling the GHI SDK the firmware update finished correctly.


lol, so you overwrote the firmware file accidentally. this is ironic.
The good thing you figured that out. :wink: