Back to the Future truth?

Well, there seems to be a lot of speculation revolving around this video, company and product. However, these are for good reason. This company, who has seemed to spring-up over night, is making some pretty drastic claims that they have created a hover board. There are some issues where you can see obvious harnesses while the shadowing in other shots show it would be impossible to place a harness.

Is it real, or is it fake? You decide.

I suspect that they are using the frictionless ceramic motor rotator and bearings that Corning has announced, and will be available in production quantities the first Tuesday in April.

I heard a radio report today about this on FM4, Austria, and it sounded real. But I guess the source was also this video.

But it’s hard to imagine that a hovering technology - if even existent - could be that compact.
If I only imagine the energy needed to lift a grown up man. Where does the energy come from? A battery for this would be huge and heavy.

When hearing it on radio I thought: might be real.
But after seeing this video I’m not that sure anymore.

And have you seen the one that pushed forward with one foot on the ground: He did not touch the ground but he got faster.

Like dah, its got a flux capacitor… :clap:

Duh… Everyone knows that the flux capacitor only provides the power to the anti-gravity engine.

@ Mike - smart arse

@ Mike, @ Justin

Guys, it is much simpler than that. Two words - pixie dust.

@ Architect - touché

As you can see from the pile of dust behind Tony Hawk, this video was clearly made on the moon! Anti-gravity disks not required.

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Even on the moon you have gravity. So even that theory needs some lifting.

While we all know that fairies can not fly in the rain, and being sprinkled with fairy dust allows a human to fly. But, can a “pixielated” human fly in the rain?

@ Mike - Nobody dared to try.

If this existed, the first application would NOT be a skateboard!

@ Blue Hair Bob - Most likely it would have a gun on it.

They sent us 2 of the early prototypes last month and we are currently evaluating them for military usage for troop movement and equipment carriers (lets see Boston Dynamics Big Dog keep up with these babies, plus they are silent). So far the problems encountered are when we put a subject on the board, it seems to cause a problem in the left Inferior frontal gyrus area of the brain, as subject seems to suffer a modification to their vocabulary and constantly repeat words like ‘dude’, ‘grody’, ‘sick’, ‘gnarly’, ‘bail’ and others. There also seems to be a modification to appetite as the subjects seems to suffer from something called the ‘muchies’ frequently, this might be associated with a strange smoke like aroma which seems to result from longer excursions on the board (typically away from the test compound). This could also be associated with the increased hair growth and decreases in attention to personal hygiene that became unfortunately more apparent the longer subjects rode the boards. Despite these setbacks, testing will continue as it appears that two divisions equipped with these boards could successfully infiltrate and invade California should the need arise.

That was awesome.

There is one thing I am not understanding about the video:
In elaborate corporate hoaxes, there is always a product or service that eventually benefits from the media Buzz. This company does not have an obvious parent company nor does the company have any other “products”.

Could it be real? Probably not due to the key factor that has been mentioned several times: power supply.

I do, however, remember a science channel special on a gentleman who had ‘discovered’ ranges of radio frequencies that could either push or pull an object. The problem is that he had to make a special power supply for the old military equipment he was using to even make a chess piece wobble.

I could think of many reasons for a hoax like this:

  • fun
  • an upcoming movie
  • more fun

  • well … it’s late, can’t remember the others

Or perhaps a company does have a product called “HUVr” that we’ll all find out about on April 1st.

Very clever effects but then, if they can make things like robots look real in movies then why not this?

One of the things a few people on the forums elsewhere have pointed out is the lack of real amazement from the people in the video. This I have to agree with. Can you imagine how your own reaction would be if this was real? I am sure you would have more to say than “it’s cool” :slight_smile:

@ Dave McLaughlin - Agree. My other thought was that crowd would’ve been much bigger.