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Back from State Lego FLL today


Back from Flint, MI again today after all day State final. I think we finished 18th out of 49 teams. We did win #1 Core Values trophy (attached) with a perfect score, so that was great for the kids. FLL does a good thing.


Wow, congratulation! You also get a gift from GHI to your team. I will talk to you privately about what we can do for your team


Congratulations! :dance:


Congrats man. So you guys doing the human course moving the eyes and what not?


@ bstag. Yes and thank you. It was called “Body Forward” challenge. Was pretty cool. Required more line following this year and sensors. Some pretty interesting solutions to the 13 missions.


Cool yeah it seem to be a very interesting course. One of the local teams we work did it with dead reckoning completed most challenges except for the black and white flipping. Think their regionals are in January.


Dead reckoning. Interesting. I wonder how they account for slippage, skipage, and other factors? That must have been a bear to program in VPL. I was thinking of using the compass sensor early on, but did no try it to see how precise it is. Good luck to your local teams.


I can fill you in on the compass. If you calibrate it while you have all your sensors and motors running like you would normally. It is dead on as long as you don’t have any tilt. Its a 6532 i think but anyways we had a compass driven robot won a hard battle in one of out last dprg competitions. In fact eric did a real good build. he wants a panda so i am giving him one of mine so he can see the power of FEZ :> hoping to hook him. Funny i have given 3 of my pandas to fellow roboters in hopes they see the light. one of them even went as far as to order a cobra.