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Awesomely Lame


Eve and I leave early tomorrow on a very well earned holiday. About 30min ago our house sitter called to say she wouldn’t be able to make it. Not a giant deal, except we have a fish that needs feeding everyday.

Well I don’t have time to go out an buy an automatic fish feeder, and frankly it’d be a waste for 4 days. So 30 mins, 4 coke bottle caps, 4 mini servos and 1 Panda II later, I have my own super lame, but useful, 4 day fish feeder.

The servos are set to go off in sequence 1 in 12hrs and 1 every 24hrs after that.

Have a good laugh at the pics. :smiley: :smiley:


Lol! Very creative!


Haha :smiley:


Haha, cool :slight_smile:


How reliable is your power - or asked a different way, what’s the startup behaviour and RTC capability :slight_smile:


Nice one! Actually, the most surprising part about that to me is that you actually have that type of bottle caps at your house. I thought those were mostly novelty items at this time. Enjoy your vacation!!!


LOL - nice work, and I thought the same as Ian, i haven’t seen a metal cap in decades…


These are standard for German beer bottels and some lemonade as well.
And when I’ve been to the US last time, they had it for beer bottels as well (the one to twist off).
Does not even CocaCola have metal twist off caps in the US?


@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Real beverages like Beer :slight_smile: then yes…fizzy drinks are usually all screw caps mainly in plastic…(UK and NZ)


I can confirm, im in Munich at the moment and havent seen this many of bottle tops in a long time :slight_smile:


@ HughB - lol the yard arm is still a bit low init? :smiley:


hahhhaha yes :slight_smile:


That is funny and creative. +1 for video


Now you can tell your sitter she was replaced by bottle caps…:slight_smile:


I’d love to see a video of “Panda Feeds Fish”

You’d get lots of YouTube hits with that title :slight_smile:


Haha wow a lot more response than I expected.

Panda is powered from outlet.
Coke sells a lot of 6pack glass bottles (smaller sized) and I treat myself to them on occasion. I kept a handful specifically bc I thought I could use them with something; though at the time I pictured it beig a my fallout themed projects.


You can get cases of the cane sugar Coca-Cola bottles at Costco for a pretty good price too :wink:


That cola is amazing! I am not a big cola drinker, but this is the only one I can drink.