Avatar as link

Would it be possible to have besides a fileupload also a link option for the avatar?
That way, we can construct our own image based on data from a FEZ board.

How about gravatar integration ?

I think Eric is talking about an “avatar” for a code submission. This one will be different for each submission, which would be hard to manage with gravatars.

Actually i was talking about the avatars on the forum.

Oh an avatar for each post message? That is unusual.

No, maybe I didn’t express myself well.

I was talking about instead of having a static png, also to have to possibility to have dynamic png’s (for example created by a webservice)
A simple example: i have a service that creates a png with the current office temperature. So every time you see a post of me, it would show the current temp in the office (again, a silly example, just to explain what i was talking about)

while your suggestion sounds “sexy”, what would be the impact on the GHI server with dynamic content?

It will reduce load because the image will be rendered on the client side