Availability of G120 and support


We use the Fez Cobra II in some of our products and are thinking of replacing it with a custom board with the G120 module. However, we would like to know the expected availability of the G120 (and support) over the coming years if we are going to design our product around it. Could you shed some light on this?
I have also asked this question using the contact form on the website and got no respsonse. That does not give a good impression.

It shocks me how many users come here to complain that GHI’s contact form is not working, with Gary always asking the same question “when did you send it?”. It goes on and on for months and, probably, years. Is GHI overbooked with so many orders that they may allow themselves to loose potencial additional customers?.. If one user come here to ask the same question as in web contact form, that means there are 100 inquirers that [em]never come back[/em]. Really, really strange for me…

A little more on topic… The official answer will probably be “for years to come”. There’s a good example — EMX board, which is still fully supported, although it was introduced years ago. G120 is, actually, some kind of cheaper and faster replacement for EMX, but, nevertheless, EMX is still alive and is even prefered (for whatever reasons) over G120 in Gadgeteer Spider mainboards.

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@ RaymondKurzweil - Welcome to the forum! Yes, sometimes the forum will get you a faster response. No that doesn’t mean that GHI is lacking in the communication department.

We either did not receive your question or kit response went to your junk folder, or somehow was not received on your end. We will investigate this further.

G120 will be available for years to come.

My 2 cents

NXP promises a 10 year longevity for select micros.

The LPC1778FET180 used on the G120 is part of the program with a longevity date of

That should give 8 more years, after which there may (or not) be a pin compatible replacement with a different core.

The chip will be around for that time and there will an EOL notification from NXP, with a last time buy etc. etc.

So say these chips can be sourced 8 to 10 more years, GHI should be able to make the modules through the standard catalog / special order or turnkey for the same duration. Firmware development may or may not continue for the same duration, but you can always use the frozen mature firmware to implement the same features as of today. Please make sure to archive the firmware and corresponding visual studio versions.

… this is my thoughts and I am sure GHI would be able to provide the authoritative answer.

In trying to determine, why there was no response, what other question should I ask?

I have no exact date as the website did not cc the message to me. I do know it has been several weeks.

@ RaymondKurzweil - We searched the mail server that archives all emails, and unfortunately your email was not there. But we have added a automatic response email. If you do not receive this automated email then that means we never received your request.

As far as availability, We encourage customers to migrate their designs to newer products however if the raw parts are available and the customer meets the MOQ requirements then we will fulfill the order. To give you an example we have a customer who orders a product that was discontinued two years ago.

Let’s call it a glitch in the matrix.

Thank you for the response. It sounds like it is safe for us to use the G120 for new products.

@ RaymondKurzweil - It is, if it becomes discontinued, we will work with you on placing special orders. But let’s cross that bridge when we get there.

Which will be in few years from now :slight_smile: