Availability - G400, ChipworkX

What is the availability of the G400D module since ChipworkX has been discontinued and is unavailable directly or through distributors. We have customers that are placing orders and we currently have no way of fulfilling those orders with both the ChipworkX and G400D unavailable.

We are accepting orders now and they we will have decent volumes in about 8 weeks.

Since the G400D is in production now, when will there be a finalized specifications document for it?

Also, can you give any more definition as to what decent volumes in about 8 weeks means? Will there be modules available before that 8 week time? 8 weeks is a rather long time to not have either the ChipworkX or the G400D available for us.

If you tell us exactly what you need weer will try our best to fulfill.

Thanks for the replies.
We are in need of 25 units for our current order, any chance of getting them before September?

Also, have you got the finalized specifications document for the module?

Any update on this?

Hi Andy

Try sending a direct email to the sales team via the contacts page. You might get a better response.