Auto-Watch thread when you reply?

I see the check box to Watch the thread when you post or add a new thread, but not an option to automatically do it when I reply or start a new thread.

Any way to turn that on in the forum software?

What is the reason you need to watch every single thread you reply to? If to find your own posts then that is already available.

And then there will be 20 people asking to add automatic “unwatch” option. :slight_smile:

Would be good to at least see marked which threads we’d previously replied to, in addition to whether there’s anything new on that thread, so you could easily distinguish ‘replies on a thread I’ve posted on’ from ‘new posts on a thread I was never participating in’.

@ Gus - So that I can see when people reply to my reply of course. I can’t remember every thread I reply to, and as far as I can see, I only see the last 10 or 20 or so when I look at my user page. I don’t see an obvious way to see every post I’ve made. It’s a standard option on most forum software.

@ Architect - that’s why I want a check box in My Settings to control checking that box for me automatically - it should be off by default.

Many forum software packages also let you subscribe at a Topic level so that you get an email (or daily digest) of every new and updated thread in that topic. I use that quite a bit on board that I don’t frequent every day, so I can pick the threads I want to look at without going through pages and pages of posts on the board itself every day.

May not be a bad idea. I will pitch it to the team.

@ stevepresley - I understand and I am all for per user customization as well.

Awesome. BTW, your message board is much more responsive than most of the available packages, so kudos to the team for that!

@ Architect - yep, I’m a big fan of “opting in” to a slew of emails that I didn’t ask for instead of someone deciding that for me and having to figure out where to turn it off! I know that I want to be subscribed automatically, but know that many don’t. Nice that we have a responsive group that entertains modifications!