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Auto hyper-link of URL's


Many users don’t tag their URLs as Hyperlinks and that makes it a pain to follow their posts. How about adding the hyperlink automatically with regular expressions or something when the post is submitted?
It probably wouldn’t be that hard to figure out?







Yes I got sick of being the only one adding hyperlink tags. Well, almost the only one :slight_smile:

Since I am the one reading everyone’s post, I find it very annoying where I always have to copy paste the links as they are not hyperlinked.


It was just to tease, don’t worry.

But you’re right, it’s very annoying to have to copy the link, open a new tab and then paste the link too often :hand:


Yes please ;D



Why was this removed in the first place?


I thought i’d mentioned this before, i find it extremely frustrating have to go back and edit my posts.