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Audio recording and playback using Fez Domino +?


Hi Everyone,

I am looking to make a project using the Fez Domino as the main board … and I need to be able to have the user press a button (hardware button) and then speak into a microphone and record what they say – then I can store that sound to the SD card in wav / some sort of raw data format - for playback later.

I realize I will have to purchase additional shields / USB devices … but I am a bit unsure where to start … are there any pro’s out there that can give me some good advice?

Much appreciated … Alain

p.s. I love the Fez Domino … it has replaced the Arduino mainboards in all my projects!


I look forward to do something similar to what you want to do.
I was looking around and found these info. that might be usefule to you to start with your project.

You might want to look into these,

VoiceBox Shield

here is the manual from the hardware page

Then you can use this app. Fez Audio Out (on the project page), to play the audio in the Wav format from SD or Resources.
They are PCM 8000KHz, 8 bit mono.

Following are some related products from sparkfun that you might want to look into,

voice recorder
voice box shield (Same as the Shield above)


Hi Sam,

Wow thanks for getting back to me so quickly and being so helpful.

I knew there were several options to play back sound - as well as the voice synthesizers - but I am looking to go the other way (record voice from a microphone and store on SD card)

however the link you send me:

is most helpful! I think I might be able to reverse this, and use one of the analog IN pins to record voice. I am not really looking for high quality, so hopefully I can get the sample rate high enough for audio … I’m still learning and have not used the analog pins on the board yet!

Thanks again mate!



I love this forum for the same reason.
Peoples in this forum are very fast trying to help each others. :smiley:

I would love to see your project as it progress!
I would be nice if you can set up a project thread and post the project progress, so others can learn from you, and I will be one.


Yep, will do! Thanks!



this might be another thing that might be useful for your project.



Nice work mate … I didn’t know you could create a project page … so I will do so, and let you know my succeses!




you can do your project in the projects thread in the forum

or create your project on wiki here:

or put up your code on Fezzer page:



All you need is the MP3 decoder chip on extension on shield and from there you can record and playback HOURS of audio and music…not seconds…hours or even days of recording :smiley:


Thanks Gus — but which shield do you mean?? … There are two MP3 ‘decoder’ shields on this site, but neither seem to mention that they can record audio (and the code sample for both shows the boards sending data TO the board, but not recieving audio BACK to the fez domino) ?


There is one MP# shield and one MP# extension and both can record and playback audio