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AT Commands to Configure FEZ XBee


After I read Foekie’s tutorial on XBee. I decided to do bring my XBee to life after collecting dust on the shelf for a while.

And I was able to set my XBee modules to talk to each others.
Yet it also cross platform, between Arduino and FEZ Domino.

One Xbee hooks up to Arduino as a Transmitter. The other hooks up to FEZ Domino, plus Graphics 128x64 LCD, to display the message.
These XBee Modules I bought a long time ago and was only used in the Arduino environment.

Foekie’s tutorial didn’t mentioned about the way to use AT Commands to configure XBee module.

So I think it might be benefit to others who would like to use XBee and want to set up XBee real quick without uploading the XCTU application from Digi’s.

Here is the link,
(link removed)


Very cool for people who dont have alot of experience with them. Nice write up.


On the project page, there was this section:

[quote]How to configure Xbee using X-CTU?
Coming soon…[/quote]

Which you have done now, :smiley: Anyway. These are the AT commands, I will add another video for configuring routing.

Thanks, I have added your link :slight_smile:



I thought, what you’re going to do with that Section is only to purely use XCTU utility application, as the name imply.
The method I use to configure the XBee is not involved with XCTU. I just use Tera Term and AT Commands to configure the XBee.

I’m not aware that it will be the same procedure that you’re going to use in :frowning:

[quote]How to configure Xbee using X-CTU?
Coming soon…

Anyhow, I can help you write up this Section in your tutorial (How to configure XBee using XCTU?).
I have XCTU application and know how to use it.
What do you thing??


Sure, send me a email.



250 points…more for video :slight_smile:



Video had been added in the project page

(link removed)

also available here too,

And the write up tutorial in the section called

How to configure Xbee using XCTU?

for Foekie’s XBee tutorial

(link removed)

was also added.


You had the link wrongh…here it is
(link removed)

250 points were added, thanks :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the new rank :wink:


Thank you very much! :smiley: